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Export and partners


present in the most important trade fairs of the sector

Pronuben works in alliance with our partner.

Alliance with our importing partner. 

Establishing a solid alliance with our importer is key to ensure stability and success in an increasingly competitive global market. Working together and achieving a mutually beneficial relationship is essential in order to deliver high-quality products to the destination markets and achieve the business success!

Rigorous study of the destination market and its regulations.

We conduct a rigorous study of the destination market and its regulation to asses the project feasibility. The safety and quality of the products are our priority, and we ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations to guarantee the health and well-being of the little ones. 

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Adaptation of product. 

Through our commitment to offer high-quality infant food products, we carry out a careful adaptation of the technical composition in accordance with local regulation, and we implement any needed changes to the product design according to the requirements and preferences of the local market. This way, we ensure that our products are appealing, safe, nutritious, and healthy.

Pronuben support 

Pronuben is proud to offer exceptional support and personalized attention to all our partners. From the moment products are launched in the market, our team will be available to support the local partner in everything they need. We will work together on the development of new products, technical support, and any brand support with the aim of establishing a solid foundation for a long-lasting project.

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