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Pronuben Baby is a Spanish laboratory dedicated to the development, commercialization, and exportation of baby food in over 10 countries. The company focuses on offering safe, healthy, and nutritious food for babies using high-quality ingredients.


Pronuben Baby was founded in Spain and has over 10 years of experience in the baby food industry. Pronuben baby is present in several countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where it has gained a great reputation for its commitment to quality and safety.


The company is constantly looking for ways to improve its products and offer new foods that meet the needs and demands of babies and their parents. To achieve this, they have a team of highly trained professionals in infant nutrition and product development.


In summary, Pronuben Baby is a leading company in the baby food industry, committed to innovation, food safety, sustainable development, and social responsibility. Its focus on offering safe, healthy, and nutritious food has gained the trust of parents and consumers in over 10 countries worldwide.

Growing together

Company values


The products we manufacture are entirely intended for babies, the most vulnerable beings on the planet. That is why our R&D department is constantly evolving and developing all our formulas. We are confident that we are providing babies with modern and advanced formulations.



We fully commit with the quality of our products and services, with the transparency to our partners and with the exclusive and long term nature of the relations we establish.



Our Global Project Development Team provides professional support for import and export operations, as well as for the implementation of projects in the different markets. We only provide completely finished and adapted  

Milestone achieved to date

Time line Pronuben.png

Company mission

Our target since this project was initiated was very clear: we wanted to develop a portfolio of top quality, European manufactured products that could cover the children’s nutritional needs since the very first day until their 3rd year of age.

Bringing the quality and security of European food products to different countries, we can ensure that every child that is being fed with PRONUBEN BABY products is given the best possible nutrition during the most exigent stage of their growth.

This is why we pursue modernity and excellence for all our products, partners and services. Because infant nutrition gives no second chance.

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