High quality Carbohydrates.-

Our main source of energy consists on 100% of Lactose for our ADVANCE range. This has big health contributions like:

· Better absorption of Calcium and Magnesium.
· Source of Galactose.
· Probiotic effect, promoting the development of bifidobacterias.


5 different Nucleotides that have a vital role:

· Better development of immune system and high iron absorption.
· Improve vaccine response.
· Protect intestinal flora.
· Improve digestive development.



1 to 3 years of age.



· Faster and better maturation of the CNS.
· Helps with a better management of energy and fats.
· Metabolism regulator.

13 Vitamins.-
· Vitamin D; Contributes to a correct development of bone tissue as well as immune system.
· Niacin; It is a main player during the metabolic process for normal energy obtaining.
· Vitamin A; completely necessary for the correct development and functioning of the immune system.
. Pantothenic Acid; it is an important regulator of the energy liberation of our cells.


Available sizes:
Cans: 400, 800, 900 gr
Bag in Box: 1x200 gr, 1x400 gr, 2x200 gr, 2x375 gr.
Shelf life: max. 24 months
PRONUBEN BABY strongly recommends breastfeeding. Our products are designed to be used when breastfeeding is not possible or insufficient, enabling parents to keep a complete and balanced diet for their babies and children.