Our pouch package will help parents to correctly support their babies feeding at any time, on the go!


Babies love our products because of their naturalness and fantastic flavours. Our secret? To prepare them just as a mother would do it at home.

-> Source of protein
-> Source of natural fibre
-> No added sugar
-> No preservatives




PRONUBEN BABY Purees and Pouches are manufactured with selected, top quality ingredients.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish combined to cook delicious and creamy recipes which are the perfect complement for the children’s most balanced nutrition.

From the 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th month, every mother can receive a little help to introduce new aliments, flavours and textures as their children’s diet starts to develop. Ingredients like fish or chicken provide the babies with natural proteins and fatty acids during their vital stages of growth.

As soon as children start eating more complex aliments, their vitality and energy grow day by day.




Available puree flavours: 3 Fruits, Multi-fruit, Fruits and Cereals, 4 Fruits and Cookies, Vegetables and Beef, Chicken with Rice and Vegetables with Hake.
Available pouch flavours: Strawberry and Banana, Apple and Banana and Apple, Pear and Peach.
Shelf life: max. 14 months
Puree sizes: 130 gr. / 200 gr.
Pouch size: 100 gr.