Making Progress together

Thanks to PRONUBEN BABY constant pursue of excellence in worldwide infant nutrition, we are looking for companies that share our same vision and ideals of improving the society and baby food quality by our hand.


PRONUBEN BABY offers a unique opportunity to join our family. And it is full of advantages!:

  • Working with a company that has years of expertise and knowhow in infant food, and that is already present in many markets around the globe.

  • Maximum security and reliability. The product quality controls systems will ensure the perfect results for your products manufacture. Also, our team of professionals will guide and support you throughout all the implantation process, taking total care of your company and you investment as well.

  • Working on long-term, exclusivity basis. This is the core of our policy, and we do it in order to establish deep roots in the relationship we have with our partners.
    We like to have a warm and supportive relationship to ensure we will be successful together.

  • Furthermore, you can rely on us as the total supplier. A partner that can provide you with a wide portfolio of products that will enable you to design your tailor made project, starting at your own pace with our complete support into every area.