PRONUBEN BABY Cereals have been developed for babies over 6 months of age, with hydrolysed ingredients that have a great importance for an easy digestion process, and also an important agent to avoid reflux problems.

All our Cereal products are naturally developed.

The thermal hydrolysis process used to manufacture the recipes ensures that the natural flavour of the cereals will prevail, as well as all its nutritional capabilities.



Also, there is a strong reason to include natural honey in our recipes.

Honey is a super food that contributes to a huge amount of important bio-activities that are vital for babies such as controlling the levels of sugar in blood, promoting the fixation of Calcium or minimising the risk to suffer allergies.

All raw materials are closely controlled since the beginning of the production process.
Such traceability is designed to keep focused on the most important: food safety.

-> Natural source of minerals like Iron and Zinc
-> Enriched with 12 vitamins
-> No added sugar
-> Natural honey


Available flavours: Rice with Milk (milk based), Wheat with Milk (milk based) and 5 Cereals with Honey (milk based). To be reconstituted with water.
Shelf life: max. 18 months
Available sizes:
Cans: 350 gr
Bag in Box: 1x250 gr, 2x250 gr